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19 Questions You Should Ask Your Landlord Before You Rent

Whether you’ve just graduated from school or are moving to a new neighborhood, renting is a big decision with plenty of unknowns. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 19 questions to ask your landlord before you rent.

Depending on your circumstances and whether you are working directly with a landlord, with a realtor or a property management company, you’ll find that many of these questions will be addressed in a lease agreement. That said, it’s helpful to be thinking about them before you sign the lease.

1. Are utilities included in the rent?

2. How often will rent increase and by approximately how much?

3. When is rent due and how will you need to pay?

4. What grace period is there for rent payment?

5. What are the terms of the lease agreement?

6. What happens if you need to break the lease or extend the lease?

7. How much security deposit will you need to pay?

8. When can you expect the security deposit to be returned once you vacate the property?

9. Is there a pet policy and will you need to pay a pet deposit?

10. If you are renting a property within a condominium or Home Owner Association (HOA), what are the rules and restrictions?

11. Does the landlord require tenant or renter’s insurance? If yes, what should it cover and is there a minimum required?

12.What responsibilities will you have as a tenant? Are they fully detailed in the lease?

13. What responsibilities will the landlord have to you as tenant?

14. How do things get fixed? What gets fixed? Is there an online system for reporting issues?

15. What is forbidden? Ask about painting walls, installing satellite dishes and cable, kids, guests, loud noises at certain times of day…

16. Is parking available? Is there a cost associated with parking?

17. What can you expect about the landlord entering the property while you live there? This, too, should be spelled out in the lease.

18. What is the process for moving in? For moving out? Are there days of the week or times of day when moving trucks aren’t allowed?

19. What do you need to know about garbage collection and recycling for the property?

Advice to Renters for Effective Interactions with your Landlord

We recommend that tenants communicate regularly with their landlords or property management companies. Ask first before doing something that affects the property. Then, make sure you have the approval documented and keep it with your records. Landlords don’t like surprises.

Consider doing a walk-through before moving into a new rental property with the landlord or property manager to document the condition of the property. Be ready to do the same when you vacate the property.

Know what your rights are as a tenant.